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Article VII. Setback Requirements for a Wastewater Treatment Plant
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The distance between wastewater treatment components and the nearest property line of an adjacent property shall be no less than one thousand (1,000) feet to the north, six hundred (600) feet to the east, one thousand (1,000) feet to the south, and one thousand (1,000) feet to the west in order for the City of Show Low to qualify for an aquifer protection permit.

The setback distance for wastewater treatment plants shall be measured from the components within the wastewater treatment facility that have the potential for producing odor and/or noise. Noise and/or odor-producing components include the influent lift station, headworks, uncovered pumps and blowers, biological treatment reactors, and sludge storage/dewatering facilities. Odor-producing components do not include components such as secondary clarifiers, chlorine contact basin, filtration units, or other tertiary units. (Ord. No. 2014-07, § 1, 11-4-14. 1976 Code § 11-7-1)